Thirty Days

Everyday for thirty days I spent part of my time looking and collecting work that inspired me. Each day's collage is based off one word or thought. 


June 22nd: Ominous

June 23rd: Flow

June 24th: Next Level

June 25th: Color

June 26th: Extrinsic

June 27th: Borders

June 28th: Street

June 29th: Connected

June 30th: Unearthly

July 1st: Culture

July 2nd: Trippy

July 3rd: Skate

July 4th: Retro

July 5th: Neon

July 6th: Grassy

July 7th: Overlay

July 8th: Architecture 

July 9th: Timeless

July 10th: Clouds

July 11th: Text

July 12th: Wavy

July 13th: Perspective

July 14th: Sour

July 15th: Powder

July 16th: Peach and War

July 17th: Jackson Pollock

July 18th: Loud

July 19th: Sacrilegious

July 20th: Transition

July 21st: Washed