Background: On September 25th 2015, world leaders met at the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Summit to form 17 sustainable goals, and 169 associated targets, which combat the issues that plague our planet. An agenda was set forth to ensure a brighter future by the year 2030. The challenge is colossal but not insurmountable if we stand together.

Task: Considering the goals and targets created by the United Nations, what collaborators would we select to help solve the issues. Through research, planning, and making, here is what we imagined.

Our idea:  A children's book series. We chose to target children because they are optimistic and will be our future leaders. Each of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals will be addressed in their own book. Our goal is to create a connection between today’s youth and the ideology of the United Nations.

The collaborators:

1. Polaroid: Polaroid was founded in 1937 with the hopes of inventing a new way for people to make lasting memories. Although Polaroid was created to be innovative, today the brand focuses highly on the importance of nostalgia.

2. Star Alliance: Star Alliance is an airline and airport conglomerate. They have 40 partners around the world. Some of their partners include Air China, United, and Egyptair.

3. Amazon: An e-commerce giant in the global marketplace, Amazon has grown exponentially in the past decades and has become a dominant force in selling and distributing.


How they all fit together: On Star Alliance flights, books about Mia’s adventures will be given to children in hopes that the stories of a relevant environmental issues will spark their curiosity. Once curious, children will turn to books, movies, or games to learn more about the world. All kinds of products which can be purchased and quickly delivered by Amazon. While reading books about Mia’s times abroad, children will observe how Mia captures moments on her camera and in her journal, leading to the youth to do the same. These captured moments and memories will remind the young travelers of places been and lessons learned. With more knowledge and less fear of the world children will begin to branch out, first helping those around them and in turn helping the entire world.



Me: Art direction / Strategy 

James Vos: Writing / Strategy

Emily Haugbro: Writing / Strategy / Art direction