Rolling Gifts

Background: For two months in 2016, I traveled to Shenzhen, China to work for a small, but talented, design company named Rolling Design. Through observation I learned that greeting cards and hand written notes were almost nonexistent in Chinese culture. Some companies and individuals wanted the ability to contact their clients, friends, or significant other in a way that was more meaningful than a phone call or text message. 

Task: Create greeting cards that offer a new avenue for people in China to communicate with one another.

Solution: The team at Rolling Design and I began to curate a collection of cards, with the intention of introducing the sincerity of hand written notes into the Chinese market. Each card contains an idea that is intriguing, fit for a specific and relatable moment. Many of the cards contain a narrative, keeping the reader interested from opening the envelope to closing the card. 


The project also created a launching pad for more products. Another hope was that the ideas and designs could used for other products in order to reach a larger audience. Rolling Design created its own brand, Rolling Gifts, which is now using the ideas and designs to create an entire series.